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About Jubilant Stewards of Africa

Jubilant Stewards of Africa is a nonprofit making organization dedicated to the improvement of living standards, mitigation of poverty, provision of healthcare and promotion of peace, social ethics, dignity, democracy and conservation of environment.

Over the past years  Jubilant Stewards of Africa has been widely involved in mentorship programs, crusade against drug and substance abuse, environmental advocacy, promotion of dignity, solidarity and peaceful coexistence, campaign for responsible sexual behavior  with the aim of bringing up a responsible and a dependable generation.


buyende-we-1 About Us
buyende-we-1 About Us
buyende-we-1 About Usbuyende-we-1 About Us
buyende-we-1 About Us

 JSA’s Vision 

To create an impartial, healthy, peaceful, literate and food secure Africa.

JSA’s Mission 

To be Africa’s leading organization in addressing social and economic concerns through contemporary and comprehensive techniques.

JSA’s Core Drive 

To identify and work in programming areas where Jubilant Stewards of Africa can provide both sound leadership and initiatives for the people to eliminate poverty, diseases, illiteracy and be self-reliant.

 buyende-we-1 About Us

JSA’s Core Values 

  • Dignity
  • Loyalty
  • Patriotism
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Innovation 
  • Visionary leadership
  • Impartiality
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