What we do


Jubilant Stewards of Africa objectives are;

Environmental conservation and advocacy programs

Jubilant Stewards of Africa address environmental concerns through contemporary and comprehensive techniques. Over the past years, Jubilant Stewards of Africa has been widely involved in environmental crusade and conservation. In conjunction with like-minded stakeholders, Jubilant Stewards of Africa has engaged in aggressive networking and collaboration to protect Mother Nature.

Our programs under this category include:

School Eco-clubs (environmental and eco clubs)

Under the school Eco-clubs programs, we conduct environmental awareness in high schools, colleges, and universities with a view of having an environmentally conscious population. The program utilizes debates, symposiums, and lecturers in addressing various concerns in the contemporary society.

  1. sports and environment
  2. waste management
  3. agribusiness
  4. appropriate technology
  5. Education programs

Escalation of access to equitable and creative educational opportunities- Education is crucial for economic development of any given nation. Citizens who can read, write and think critically have better economic opportunities, higher agricultural productivity, healthier children and better reproductive health as they have the power of knowledge which they use to discern better opportunities from bogus ones. Thus investing in education brings nations gargantuan benefits socially, environmentally and economically.

In a bid to eliminate illiteracy Jubilant Stewards of Africa focuses on offering short courses such as computer packages, financial management training, and entrepreneurial skills among other pieces of training carried out through and not limited to the organization’s workshops and public lectures. These pieces of training are aimed at directing the trainees’ minds away from white collar jobs as the only source of income and focusing it at self- generated means of earning a livelihood.

Jubilant Stewards of Africa’s target groups under this program include;

  • youth groups,
  • women groups,
  • disabled groups among other vulnerable groups

Other foci of training include; conflict resolution and management strategies, leadership dynamism, career and social life management, business communication skills, public relations and interpersonal skills.

Bursary Scheme

This helps needy students from poor background access to education. Through this initiative we fund students in primary, high school and colleges realize their academic goals. Bursary Scheme is geared to also assist in other educational activities and research.

Education programs also meant to strengthen the capacity of people of Kenya and throughout Africa to meet the challenges of international interdependence through the development of programs and partnerships in the following:

  • To establish an Endowment fund to receive grants, donations, gifts and assistance in any form whatsoever for any one or more of the objects of the Organization.
  • To establish a non-profit making foundation in any country or countries for the purpose of receiving donations from the private and corporate persons and channeling the same to the Organization’s development operation.

Contact Information

Phone: +254 719408244/+254 774408244/+254 780408244/+254 763408244/+254 752408244

P.O. Box 25965 – 00504 Nairobi

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  • Leadership and Mentorship Program

Jubilant Stewards of Africa do organize forums for the youths to be educated on daily life and leadership skills. We also have clubs in primary schools, secondary, colleges, and universities whereby we mentor and inspire our peers to live a purpose driven life through;

  1. Campaign against drug and substance

The organization has continued to champ the fight against drug and substance abuse among the youths in the society with an aim of developing a generation that is responsible and dependable. We value sobriety and uphold healthy society for a healthy development.

  1. Behavior change and HIV/AIDS prevention programs

Jubilant Stewards of Africa trains the youth pen counselors to counsel and guide their peers on STIs awareness, prevention and safety measures. Such pieces of training are spread throughout the region with much concentration on the research proved highly infested areas. The training also aims at reducing stigmatization and boosting the self-esteem of the confirmed patients and their relations.

  1. Active Voluntarism

Jubilant Stewards of Africa aims at giving back to the society, therefore encourages youths to voluntarily join in the service to help transform the society in a bid to making it our better place. In appreciation, we provide free relevant pieces of training to the youths effective for developing their personalities and in addition give tokens, transport, and basic activity allowances to motivate them.

Agricultural Program

One of the principal causes of poverty among small-scale farmers is lack of farm power (labor-saving tools and equipment, animal and mechanized power) and importantly access to it. Farm power embraces all forms of power inputs in agriculture and the commercialization of its products, ranging from human inputs, animal traction, engine driven technologies, together with associated tools and implements.
The purpose of Jubilant Stewards of Africa is to create innovative solutions that enhance agriculture through efficient, reliable and affordable equipment and services that offer superior quality, high performance and exceed our customer’s expectation profitably.

Below are some of the Rural Economic and Empowerment based Program that JSA engages in;

  • Environmental conservation schemes- in keeping the environment Jubilant Stewards of Africa look unto carrying out afforestation in various parts of rural areas within the region under cover.
  • Poverty Reduction: The Voices of Reasons Africa role is to empower marginalized communities by availing resources and suitable environment for conducting profitable developmental activities that help alleviate poverty and assuage suffering.
  • Health – proper feeding, nutrition and hygiene
  • Water and sanitation
    Peace and Conflict resolution program
    -Promoting dialogue and conflict management

-Generating and facilitating the dissemination of information on peace building and conflict management
-Raising awareness among the people of Kenya on the prevailing conflicts within the region and the available mechanisms for resolving these conflicts

-Advocating for a political culture that embraces tolerance and peace

-Promoting the construction of peace constituencies that contribute towards maintaining and sustaining peace in Kenya and the east African-region

-Working with the media to play a pivotal role in conflict management by increasing dialogue forums through the media

-Information sharing with other partners in the sub-region and the national level regarding peace and security

-Accountability and Good Governance

-Strengthening oversight mechanisms by monitoring most national governance processes through legislative and policy tracking

-Advocating for the rule of law by championing constitutional and legal reforms
-Promoting information sharing by engaging with various parliamentary committees
-Advocate for effective institutions to enhance good governance by monitoring the accountability of duty-bearers through budget tracking

-Promote citizen awareness on governance so as to enhance the prudent management of public resources

-Human Rights and Access to Justice

-Advocate and promote people’s human rights and providing human rights education

Youth Mentorship Program

Youths constitute the highest population of the African region, Jubilant Stewards of Africa, therefore, takes the initiative to mentor and shape the future of the young generation thus giving hope of a better-aspired future

The Strategic directions for the period 2017 to 2023

The Jubilant Stewards of Africa has articulated the following strategic guidelines for the period 2017 to 2023 in which it anticipates to make a noteworthy contribution

  • Promote ethics and social values
  • Increase access to impartial and creative educational opportunities
  • Empower young Africans
  • Conserve and safeguard mother nature
  • Increase access to clean water in water insufficient areas
  • Promote talents geared towards enriching sports, Africa’s arts and culture
  • Improve the health condition in Africa