Governments and NGOs


  • The Pacesetters Award will look at the contribution of governments, their agencies, public servants and non-governmental organizations in the economic, social and political transformation of economics or societies with a view to transforming or improving human welfare development.
  • It will pay special attention to various interventions geared towards raising incomes improving people’s well-being and economic capabilities as well as social and political reorganization. This therefore will mean a case in which people are well fed, clothed, and have access to clean water, quality education, affordable healthcare, sanitization and security alongside leisure.

  • Those who have contributed to socio-economic development with indicators, such as;
  • Expanding entitlements and capabilities for the people
  • Improving human welfare
  • Advancement in science and technology
  • Improvement in democratic values, principles and freedoms
  • Increasing consumer choice in the market
  • Enhancement of the provision of basic needs; water, clothing, education and security
  • Social equity, justice and rule of law.

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