Successful Journey to Greatness




People are not born successful. They train their minds to become something bigger than they are. And those who stick with it succeed. People who are successful, who are “big” in attitude and personality, think about greatness. Think about the time when you were a child. What did you want to become—a doctor? An engineer? The president? Little girls don’t doubt their ability to be president just because another woman hasn’t done it before. And kids don’t throw away a desire to be an engineer because they think they’re not smart enough; children don’t know what they can’t do. Their possibilities are immeasurable. The simple way to grow into the leader you want to be is to have faith. “When the mind distrusts or doubts, the mind attracts ‘reasons’ to support the disbelief,” Jared Oundo writes. This happens as we grow up; slowly deserting all those childhood fantasies that we refuse to pull into reality. The solution is simple, he writes: “Think doubt and fail. Think victory and succeed.”
This book contains no secrets. You may scan the pages and consider them common sense— things you strive for or know you should have considered already. But the truth is, most of us haven’t mastered all the things we already know. Impact of Oundo’s ideas for helping people become successful still relevant in his other books too. Oundo offers specific strategies. These lessons learned can only further your goals to move forward and be successful. And truthfully, no one is above the lessons in this book.

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