Leadership and Mentorship Program

Jubilant Stewards of Africa do organize forums for the youths to be educated on daily life and leadership skills. We also have clubs in primary schools, secondary, colleges, and universities whereby we mentor and inspire our peers to live a purpose driven life through;

  1. Campaign against drug and substance

The organization has continued to champ the fight against drug and substance abuse among the youths in the society with an aim of developing a generation that is responsible and dependable. We value sobriety and uphold healthy society for a healthy development.

  1. Behavior change and HIV/AIDS prevention programs

Jubilant Stewards of Africa trains the youth pen counselors to counsel and guide their peers on STIs awareness, prevention and safety measures. Such pieces of training are spread throughout the region with much concentration on the research proved highly infested areas. The training also aims at reducing stigmatization and boosting the self-esteem of the confirmed patients and their relations.

  1. Active Voluntarism

Jubilant Stewards of Africa aims at giving back to the society, therefore encourages youths to voluntarily join in the service to help transform the society in a bid to making it our better place. In appreciation, we provide free relevant pieces of training to the youths effective for developing their personalities and in addition give tokens, transport, and basic activity allowances to motivate them.