Impact Assessment

Monitoring The Jubilant Stewards of Africa will not amount to every result of a strategy, a range of investments, or an individual investment. Instead, its staff and partners will identify the most vital measures of progress that support progressive learning. The Jubilant Stewards of Africa is more interested in working with partners to define and measure results rather than inputs and activities. Although it is a tricky task, Jubilant Stewards of Africa is focused to support this type of selective metrics. The Jubilant Stewards of Africa distinguishes that improving this practice is a journey that will not happen overnight and that achieving the Jubilant Stewards of Africa’s motivated goals requires rigorous evaluation so that together with its partners it can persistently improve how it carries out its work. Evaluation is an important tool for decision making in Jubilant Stewards of Africa as it shall support a diverse range of partners and projects around the country, and thus evaluation practices have to be flexible and appropriate to support its purposes.